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Manage your social media accounts with Hannah! Service includes, but is not limited to: publishing schedule management/planning, updates, and professional customer service.

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Content Writing/Marketing

Targeted, niche-specific, keyword-rich well-researched articles for your blogs or site. Service includes web content maintainance and other related online content curating/sourcing.

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Social Media Campaigns

If you need an expansive exposure boost for your business, a social media campaign may be just what you need. With an indepth experience with blog campaign coodination, Hannah can help your business, product or site become more visual on the world wide web.

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Blog and Site Outreach

Word of mouth is still the way to go when getting your product noticed and building a relationship with respectable Influencers is an unmeasureable tool! This resource is good for sites and business with consistent updates and announcements. As a former mom blogger, I can engage, communicate and recruit sites that meet your needs to build the database of influencers you want.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Empowering Birth Product - Group Giveaway Opportunity

An Empowering Birth Product - Group Giveaway Opportunity

I'm reaching out to see how many of you would be interested in co-hosting a giveaway for very unique, but powerful product.

Mavi Gupta, M.D., C. C.Ht. and her husband, Jeremy Dyen, C.Ht. are the creators of the Birth Relaxation Kit the only birth hypnosis program presented by a board certified physician and hypnotherapist who also birthed using hypnosis. They successfully used certain advanced birth relaxation techniques when Mavi birthed their daughter at home, pain-free. They are passionate about empowering expectant mothers (and fathers!) to visualize the birth they want–a birth without fear, without discomfort and even without pain in any setting.

You can read more about the creators on TOP...

Here's a fun fact...

Jeremy is a professional musician. He has recorded on John Legend’s Grammy award-winning CD, Get Lifted. He’s performed with G-Love, Digable Planets, Zakir Hussain, and has shared the stage with numerous national acts.

If you're interested in co-hosting a giveaway. Please sign up and indicate your interest here. All participants will receive a FREE Twitter & Facebook link to the Giveaway Tools app. The giveaway will be promoted via Giveaway Tools 100+ Giveaway/Sweeps sites.

Questions? Leave a comment.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is Affiliate Marketing A Bill of Goods?

Is Affiliate Marketing A Bill of Goods?


I remember very clearly…as a blogger newly inducted into the mysterious world of blogging, I had a passion to share and declare. Home birth was and still is something I advocate and natural living to empower parents in general, women in particular.

Like every new blogger, I also wanted to earn a bit money while I was at it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to earn some money as long as ethics and boundaries are in places and rules…spoken and unspoken, are respected.

I was told, by whom, I can’t remember…that affiliate marketing was something that could earn some money. I eagerly joined program after program. Choosing only those that I felt good associating with and ones I thought my readers would be interested in. I posted the codes on my site and carried on with traffic building, and such. I’d check my accounts for any hint of purchases. I've gotten some clicks. That was it.

In an effort to encourage clicks and commissions, I would peruse suggestion tips offered by the company. One tip was to blog about the product or the subject pertaining to the product. I felt uncomfortable writing a post about a product I had no personal experience with. I felt that would be misleading to encourage my readers to purchase “these products”. So I decided to blog about a subject pertaining to the product and disclose my affiliate links. However, writing a post about a subject you’re not too familiar with requires research. Very time-consuming. I decided against this in favor of posts I wanted to share with my audience.

Suffice it to say, after a year of this, I was done with affiliate marketing. Which continued to prove to be time-consuming with very little reward. And time…as a mom who blogs…is a very valuable, costly resource. I realized then, that companies got more out of my affiliate partnership than I ever will, even if I HAD earned those hard-to-come-by commissions…

Here’s what they got from me…
  • Free Exposure/Promotion
  • Free Ad placement
  • Free Back Links
  • Free Content
Here’s what I got in return…
  • A promise of 20% of an (insert price here) product
  • Lost time & frustration
Clearly, the return on investment (ROI) was not in my favor. I’ve since viewed affiliate marketing a bill of goods that borders on a scam of sorts. Too harsh?? I don’t think so. When you’ve managed to get someone to furnish work for practically little or nothing that sounds like a scam to me.

Having said this, I am fully aware that not all affiliate marketing is created equal. My advice…choose programs carefully with consideration to the number of resources you’ll invest.

Blogging is not always about money. I AM an affiliate with just three companies, simply for the love of their service and the products they sell. And no, I haven’t made one cent.

Have you been successful with affiliate marketing? Do tell.


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