Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Updated: The Birth Relaxation Kit Group Giveaway Opportunity

What is Hypnobirthing?

TheOliveParentHypnosis is often misconstrued as some sort of parlor trick used to embarrass people on stage by having them bark like a dog or act like a monkey. However, hypnosis is used medically every day in therapy sessions and even during surgery in place of anesthesia.

Hypnosis uses deep relaxation to open your subconscious mind to powerful suggestions. A subject goes into hypnotic or trance state using deep breathing and various “deepening” techniques, at which point positive suggestions are made by the hypnotherapist. In the case of hypnobirthing, a hypnotherapist might use guided imagery so you can picture your healthy, growing baby. The therapist might have you face your specific fears head on only to have you visualize them completely obliterated.

With Hypnobirthing you can...

  • Eliminate fears about birth 
  • Relax on command 
  • Produce natural anesthesia. 
  • Reduce labor time and more 

What is the Birth Relaxation Kit?
The Birth Relaxation Kit is the only childbirth hypnosis program offered by a board-certified medical doctor who used these methods for her own home birth. It is the only hypnobirthing program that includes music created by a musician certified in hypnosis.

Group Giveaway Opportunity! 
If you use your blog as an advocate for natural birth, pregnancy or birth choices, this group giveaway opportunity is for you! In exchange for co-hosting this giveaway, you'll receive two entry options for your Facebook & Twitter no cost!

You'll receive an HTML post to publish, but I'm asking all participants to compose a short paragraph to diversify the posts. You can choose to write about:

  • Your own birth experiences 
  • Your thoughts on natural birth or birth in general 
  • Why you support or advocate for natural birth 
  • Review the FREE Hypnosis MP3 
Get your free MP3 HERE

The giveaway will be open WORLDWIDE to ages 18+

Hurry the giveaway goes LIVE April 1st. All interested blogs should sign up at the Lifestyle Influencer's List by March 29th.

This blogging opportunity is sponsored by The Birth Relaxation Kit and is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Twitter or any other third-party mentioned in the post.


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