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MLMs - Why I Sort of Changed My Mind About Them (Updated)

(The update is at the end of the article.)

Your mother probably told you at least once, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

When the books you have read, horror stories no less, contain the same exact cover, judging the contents of the book by this cover is practically inevitable. After all, fool me once shame on you, right?

In the same vein, I had unfavorable feelings surrounding MLMs because of negative experiences I’d had in the past. I’ve never been “burned” by one financially because I was immediately suspect of the fine print which often requires large upfront fees, hidden charges and the like. The focus is solely on recruiting representatives, the promise of easy money and a hyped product. A recipe that guarantees failure, wasted money and frustrated recruits and customers.

Recently, I discovered an MLM whose products caught my eye. Because the company operates on a network marketing business model, “judging the cover” resulted in feelings of apprehension. But intuitively, I soon felt compelled to take my time. Without pressure or hype, this particular company treated me not as their “next quick sale” but with a genuine intent to serve no matter what the outcome. The products and company ethos sounded drastically different from any other company I’ve encountered (MLM or not).  Intrigued by Miessence’s unique, certified organic network marketing, I took a peek inside and discovered a love story.

Miessence – A Trailblazing World of Firsts

Miessence knocks it out of the park on all three fronts:
Ethics ~ Social Responsibility ~ Products
As the world’s first and only certified organic network marketing company, Miessence embraces a "no-sell”, educational marketing model. With a panel of prestigious advisors presenting organic health information, webinars and teleseminars are utilized to offer transparency and information to potential customers and representatives. The consultations and information provided by well- trained independent representatives are that of quality and backed by experts. This has inspired a grass-roots outreach, spurred on by like-minded concern for sustainability, anti-greenwashing and toxic-free, organic products.

By teaching reps to root their businesses in educational marketing, Miessence reps connect with people who seek the products they have to offer. The objective of reps is to provide quality service and information, giving the interested party the time to make informed decisions. Many reps are motived by the mission, more than they are the potential income. Thus, Miessence isn’t looking for “wallets”, but people who are in alignment with their ethics and mission!
Social Responsibility

Miessence loves the earth. They were one of the first companies to be carbon-negative. Currently, they off-set at 110%! It is so important to require companies to be conscious of their outputs. As large entities, businesses have a more direct and far impacting result on the environment that affects our air, soil and water quality.

Miessence’s product packaging is non-leaching, non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable.
All of Miessence’s suppliers must meet international organic standards. Prior to appointing suppliers, Miessence conducts its own research to verify any claimed certified organic status.
Miessence is about supporting people, from farmers and indigenous communities in developing countries through their supply of our organic fair trade ingredients to more direct involvement in various community and charity events. Miessence is especially diligent in supporting their own independent representatives, establishing the Miessence Foundation for active representatives. This initiative is funded by 1% of sales worldwide to support representatives who are active in their community and environment.

At the very heart of Miessence lies the mission that started it all.
Noted by A Distinctive Style magazine as one of four women making a difference in the world, Narelle Chenery, the founding director of Miessence and the Mother of EcoBeauty was driven Narelleby passion and the desire to create pure, beneficial and active products. Disappointed with the green-washing practices of a company she just left, she started to research various ways to create toxic-free skincare.

Her journey started as a mom of three in her kitchen and her victory was producing the world’s first skin and body care certified organic to international food grade standards. The result was truly standard-setting. Miessence manufactures THE best certified organic products in the world boasting with organic credentials from Europe (IFOAM), Australia (ACO) and the United States (USDA Organic).

They are pure. Without heat processing, products are cold-formulated and/or raw.  Miessence bases their products in certified organic Aloe Vera, NOT water. Making them highly concentrated. Because of this, only a little bit of product is needed for use, making them long-lasting and economical. Many skincare products on the market are thinned and watered-down to maximize profits, rendering them ineffective with little or no active benefit.

They are potent. They contain 100% active, 100% beneficial ingredients. In comparison, a conventional product is considered “salon or professional quality” when 25% of the ingredients are active. The remaining ingredients include water, fillers, emulsifiers, ph adjusters, fragrances, preservatives, etc. You won’t find those types of ingredients in Miessence products.

They are fresh. Products are hand-made in small batches every 30 days and shipped directly to the consumer! Unheard of in this industrialized age! Typically manufacturers create large batches of products that will be stored in a warehouse somewhere between 18 months to 2 years (until supplies run out). From the warehouse, they are shipped to stores and sold to YOU!

My first experience with the products brought back memories of my homemade skincare making days! Many have echoed the same sentiments. The products are incredibly aromatic. Recently, a sampler said to me, they should be marketed as aromatherapy just because of the smell! With the active ingredients, my skin glows with softness, suppleness, and clarity! It is positively mood-setting and effective.

MLMs – How Did It Really Begin?
Some say MLM began in the 1800’s by a traveling salesman. Others say it began during the Great Depression in an effort to boost affordable ways to begin a business.

Dr. Christopher Hills (April 9, 1926 – January 31, 1997) was an author, philosopher, and Christopher_Hills_Portrait_200pxscientist, known as the Father of Spirulina. In the field of spirituality and aquaculture, he was influenced by Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu to name a few. He was a pioneer and entrepreneur of algae as an efficient source of food and fuel for humanity. In his mission to manufacture and distribute Spirulina nutritional products, he started Light Force, a company based in Santa Cruz. California…one of the early models of multi-level marketing.

He influenced yoga, chakras, nutraceuticals and more. It is clear to me that the marketing model established, was one to promote and distribute well. And like many “good things”, the MLM model was eventually exploited and capitalized as easy riches, by those whose motivations mainly came from stockpiling their bank accounts. Here’s a fun fact.

Miessence is connected to Dr. Christopher Hills. Czerral Wheeler, who I have the distinct pleasure of calling a friend and mentor, was commissioned by Dr. Hills to create a marketing plan to promote Spirulina in 70’s. Czerral, responsible for introducing Spirulina to the world market, is a member of Miessence’s advisory panel and the formulator of InLiven, the world’s FIRST certified organic probiotic. I’ve recently coordinated a teleseminar with Czerral on Pet Probiotics, you can hear him in action here.

There are many successful and enduring network marketing companies; Tupperware, Avon and Mary Kay just to name a few. They do not compare to Miessence in my not so humble opinion. I now believe to truly gauge the effectiveness of a referral marketing business, one must delve into the company’s mission. Is it socially responsible? Do they focus on big money? Do they focus too heavily on recruiting other representatives? Do they require large up-front costs? Are they compassionate towards people? Are they transparent? Do they engage in pressure tactics? The essence of an MLM will be determined by the answers to these questions.

As a businesswoman who began from scratch, I can immeasurably appreciate the set up of an MLM. Initial costs are affordable and the business side of things are in place and ready to go! Miessence provides a website, training, marketing materials, customer service, on-going support and more, for as little as a $40 enrollment fee. While there are printed materials you can purchase (also, a low cost) directly from them, all of the printed materials are available in a downloadable PDF file in your MiAccount.

You have options to enroll

    1. Basic – $40.00 enrollment free with a free start-up kit
    2. With a Fast Start – $20.00 enrollment free with an investment of approximately $325.00 USD and *over $500 retail value*. The products purchased can be used by you personally or to give away to potential customers & reps.
    3. With a Super Fast Start – Free enrollment with an investment of approximately $535.00 USD and *over $950 retail value*. The products purchased can be used by you personally or to give away to potential customers & reps.
All options come with various discounts and Fast Starts are shipped free of charge. If you’re interested please email me for direction or visit my website. Learn more about the certified organic business opportunity here.

TheOliveParent Organics, My Certified Organic Business
TOP_Organics_Miessence_300 (1)
As a Miessence Independent Representative, I am at home among business partners and a company of like-minded agendas. My experience has been a true pleasure. My business is simply not “work”. I’m having too much fun! Miessence has been nothing short of supportive, encouraging, flexible and accessible. Now, in all MLMs, just like a start-up, everyone must invest time in their own aspirations. Whether you choose to conduct home parties or focus squarely on online marketing, financial success does not happen overnight, but over time. How much you choose to invest in time and money is up to you. Many MLMs promote get-rich-easy schemes. Desiring an easy way to achieve financial success, ignores the key ingredient of long-lasting and stable success…experience…life’s best teacher. A wise man once told me, “All information is conceptual. Only experience creates knowledge”. Thank you Czerral. Winking smile

It IS  Environmentally Important to Support a Socially Conscious Company
Despite the fruits of democracy we all enjoy, sometimes we have to fight for our rights. In reference to our right to know what’s in our foods, the best and most direct way to do this in a capitalistic society is to vote with our dollars. When we purchase products from a socially responsible company with negative carbon output, we are directly supporting this positive process, thus encouraging the healing of our earth as opposed to its destruction.

From a myriad of common products like deodorant, toothpaste and body lotion, not only are you protecting your family from toxins, but your support of a socially conscious company CAN change the world’s environment and encourage positive economic change in the lives of others worldwide. By removing our financial support of companies who intentionally or unintentionally promote ecocide, we are “telling” them our preference for eco and human-friendly products, services and business practices. It’s easy for companies to ignore emails from concerned consumers, but an impact on their bottom line will get attention. For this reason, Miessence, who has set standards, still unrivaled today, should be given serious consideration for your support! Visit my shop at

News From TheOliveParent Media
Bloggers! I’m currently planning a VERY cool campaign that will allow qualified blogs to review a product from TheOliveParent Organics and promote an educational webinar for their audience. This opportunity will provide bloggers interested in becoming representatives, a chance to earn their own commissions. The webinars will be hosted by experts and consultants, providing quality information and content for your blogs and audience. More information to come! To be contacted for this opportunity, simply sign up at the LifeStyle Influencer’s List.


It's an exciting time to be apart of Miessence! Miessence is revamping. Changes are being made to their current compensation plan and marketing structure that will reflect direct sales, in addition to the multi-level structure. The reveal will occur October 1st.

We're hosting a webinar with Narelle Chenery, The Mother of EcoBeauty to bloggers and anyone interested in learning more. The webinar will touch upon, Miessence, their mission, the new structure and lots more. There will be a live Q&A.

RSVP to attend. The webinar will take place, Wednesday, October 2nd, 8/9 CST/EST.


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