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Unique #EcoFriendly Product Review Opportunity & More! - Closed

Offered by TheOliveParent Organics, in partnership with Miessence.

Miessence, a true trailblazer, produced the world’s first certified organic skincare and body care in 2001 and since have perfected over 50 products to the organic food standard. Miessence has set the bar for truly organic, eco-beauty and is still unrivaled today!

Noted by A Distinctive Style magazine as one of four women making a difference in the world, Narelle Chenery, the founding director of Miessence, has been named the Mother of EcoBeauty for her breakthrough skincare formulations entirely certified to organic food standards. Driven by her passion and the desire to create pure, beneficial and active products, her journey started as a mom of three in her kitchen. After years of perfecting her products, Narelle’s victory was producing the world’s first skin and body care certified organic to international food grade standards. Products so safe, they are literally edible! Miessence boasts of organic credentials from Europe (IFOAM), Australia (ACO) and the United States (USDA Organic).
  • They are pure. Organic certification ensures a truly organic product. In addition, Miessence ingredients are not heated during processing. Products are cold-formulated, oils are cold pressed and raw. A proprietary cold emulsification process unique to Miessence protects the delicate organic properties of the ingredients. Miessence bases their products in certified organic Aloe Vera, NOT water, making them highly concentrated. Because of this, only a little bit of product is needed, extending the product and its economic value.
  • They are potent. Miessence products contain 100% active, 100% beneficial ingredients. In comparison, a conventional product is considered “salon or professional quality” when 25% of the ingredients are active.
  • They are fresh. Products are handmade in small batches every 30 days and shipped directly to the consumer! Unheard of in this industrialized age! Typically manufacturers create large batches of products that will be stored in a warehouse somewhere between 18 months to 2 years (until supplies run out). From the warehouse, they are shipped to stores and sold to YOU!
As one of the first companies to be carbon negative, Miessence is a sustainable and green direct sales company, patterned after the early model of Dr. Christopher Hills, the Father of Spirulina. Dr. Hills deliberately chose a network marketing system to promote Spirulina, broad-spectrum algae, as an efficient source of food and fuel for humanity. Since that time, common negative perceptions, exploitative, deceptive practices, and get rich schemes have tarnished the industry. Miessence, unique as the FIRST and ONLY sustainable network marketing business, resembles the grassroots-inspired, early model of MLM focusing on ethical business practices, exceptional customer service, and unique products unavailable anywhere else in the marketplace. Miessence has a direct connection to Dr. Hills, read more about this here.

One of the many wonderful things about Miessence is that it employs an educational marketing model. As an Independent Representative of Miessence, I’m thrilled to be able to offer you a chance to review a product AND offer an educational webinar to an industry expert, to your readers! Not only will you be able to provide quality and valuable content from an SEO standpoint, you will also have the opportunity to earn commissions yourself! Many times, bloggers who love and promote a product create a sales point for companies. Now you’ll have a chance to earn a commission on those sales!

If you are interested in (1) Reviewing a product, offering your readers an educational webinar and/or (2) Becoming a Miessence Representative; I invite you to learn more at a live webinar with Narelle Chenery, Mother of EcoBeauty! The webinar will cover, Miessence, their mission, products and being an independent representative. There will be a live Q&A following the presentation. The webinar will take place October 2nd 8/9 PM CST/EST. Reply with your interest to RSVP.

Those who want to commit to a review and an educational webinar will need to attend the October webinar with Narelle. If you cannot make the date and time, a recording will be available to those who are interested in participating. I strongly encourage those interested to attend the live webinar for the chance to interact personally with Narelle! It’s truly a unique opportunity to connect with the founder of the company and the woman started it all!

Product Review & Educational Webinar Information
There are 20 spaces for the 10-day vitality challenge and 20 spaces for the skin care essentials (cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer). All products, except for InLiven Probiotic and Probiotic Skin Brightener are gluten-free. All of Miessence’s products are vegan except those that contain beeswax.

The Vitality Challenge includes a ten day supply of three certified organic, raw superfoods.
  • DeepGreen - Made with raw grass juice, not ground whole grass and blue-green algae - Alkalises and detoxifies
  • BerryRadical - Antioxidant superfoods freeze-dried for potency. 4000 ORAC per serving
  • InLiven Probiotic - The world’s first certified organic probiotic, very rare in today’s market and industry. All 13 strains are certified organic. InLiven based on 25 years of hand cultured research resulting in a super breed of naturally-occurring Lactobacillus. Result-oriented. Our best selling superfood product.
  • All superfoods are Non-GMO, certified organic and raw. Learn more about the challenge here.
The Skin Essentials will include sample sizes of all four skin types; Balancing, SoothSkinEssentials-sRejuvenating, Purifying and Soothing. Each blogger will receive 3 of each type (cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer). Because the products are concentrated each sample should provide three days of use. With a total of least 12 days to experience all four types. Learn more about the Skin Essentials here.

Webinars offered alongside product reviews are:
  • Skin Happiness by Dr. Laura Koniver. Dr. Koniver shares her unique, holistic and intuitive approach to skincare. She’s known as the Intuition Physician  - December 3rd 8/9 PM CST/EST
  • Superfood Nutrition by Narelle Chenery, Director of Miessence. Narelle will touch upon the state of our health and the essentials needed to reclaim our vitality. - December 11th 8/9 PM CST/EST
  • Label-Reading & Green-Washing by Alison Price, Executive Independent Miessence Representative. Alison will share her insights and knowledge on different certifying organizations, tips to decipher deceptively labeled ingredients and lots more compelling information. If you or your audience are label readers, this webinar is a must! - December 12th 8/9 PM CST/EST
You can choose to offer one or all of the webinars. I encourage those who will review the Vitality Challenge to offer the superfoods webinar and those reviewing the skin essentials to offer the Skin Happiness and Label-Reading webinar. The webinars are FREE. If you are not offered a product review, you can still consider the potential of becoming a rep and earning commissions by extending the webinar to your audience.

Product Review & Educational Webinar Timeline
Blogs selected for a product review will be sent their products the second week of October.
Posts should be live by mid-November. Educational webinars will take place the first two weeks of December. Post guidelines and ensuing information will be provided. I will work individually with those who want to earn commissions on any potential sales from the webinar. Please consider the timeline to ensure commitment to the dates is conflict-free.

Sign up here to be considered for a product review and RSVP for the October webinar with Narelle Chenery.  I’ll follow up with a press kit that gives an overview of Miessence. Learn more about Miessence at

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