About Us

First and foremost, I am a blogger.

The blogger discovered the wondrous benefit of social media and used it to create, build, maintain communities and brand ourselves, long before companies considered it business and marketing worthy.

It's not uncommon to see blogs with thousands of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Rss subscribers with solid page ranks and heavy traffic...all without selling a single product. Whereas, companies with online presences hardly have any social media followings at all. What's the difference? The difference is simply this, bloggers understand and have tapped into the integrity of social media...engaging and respecting our audience, by listening and providing relevant content.  We live in an age where more and more people are spending time online, customers are growing savvier. They want information, engagement and transparency. The traditional way of marketing is less received by consumers as they tire of junk mail, telemarketers and other intrusive methods. We engage our audience with content catered specially with them in mind. We've considered their interests with polls and conversation and many of us have experienced success easily measured in followings, traffic and loyalty.

Yes, I'm proud to have been a blogger and content publisher, going on six years now. TheOliveParent started in 2007, is my pride and joy.

Second to being a mom blogger, I am a Social Media Manager & Coordinator.

Why Work With Me?

There are many self proclaimed experts of social media. They come with fancy statistics, marketing schematics and app building skills. If you're looking for some one to create a pretty Facebook page, and predict the market, you may find what you're looking for there. However, if you're looking to build, understand and engage a community, the real social media experts are the ones who have been in the "trenches". With hands on experience, building a blog and a loyal community to go with it from scratch...that would be me.

What I Can Do For You

If you're building a community or a campaign, I can share my knowledge and experiences to assist you in your efforts.

Blog Outreach
As a staple in the blogging community, I can communicate with ease and professionalism. I research blogs to ensure the niche of the blog is relevant to your market. It's important to understand that using SEO link strategists or other traditional marketing professionals for blog outreach can have unintended negative consequences for two reasons:
  1. Many of them do not understand how to communicate with bloggers and thus offend them unintentionally.   
  2. SEO strategists and traditional marketing representatives can waste time by pitching to blogs irrelevant to your market by not taking the time to research them.
Bloggers have a few complaints on how they are approached by marketing reps, their biggest complaint is the amount of pitches they receive have nothing to do with their audience. As a blogger, I've personal experienced these "misses" and mistakes by traditional marketing reps more times than not. 

The simple fact is this; traditional marketing reps are not versed well or knowledge of the world of blogging and social media, as companies are now asking for these types of services.

If you're looking to promote your product or a certain event, I can create and coordinate a campaign of:
  1. Product Reviews
  2. Giveaways
  3. Group/Cross Promoted Giveaway
All posts will be FTC & DSHEA compliant by inclusion of health and review disclaimers.

To protect the integrity of your business all links directing to your site from participating blogs will be "no-follow" links.


Let's Talk!

Contact me for price quotes, service consultations and availability.


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