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Nordic Naturals' What's Essential Campaign
*Participating Blogs & Sites
The Little Hedgehog
All Natural Katie
A Little Crunchy
Two Bears Farm
A total of 75 bloggers were personally recruited by me for this program. Search #WhatsEssential on Twitter for more examples.

*Eco Lips Blog Reviews
Nature Moms Blog
The Juiciest Deals
Leafy Not Beefy
See Shop Love

*Oxylent/Vitalah Blog Reviews
Mommy's Reviews
Happy Mothering
Pea of Sweetness
A total of two campaigns - One was group giveaway (a group of bloggers promoting one large giveaway) of 22 participating sites. The second giveaway was 42 participating sites giving away individual prizes supplied by the client.

*Organix South Pet Reviews
My Brown Newfies
Bodhi Mews
Lapdog Creations

*Birth Relaxation Hypnotherapy Kit Reviews
The Green Grandma
Optimistic Mommy
Akron Ohio Moms
Newly Crunchy Momma of 3

*The Olive Parent Organic Reviews
The Sustainable Couple - This is my top performing blog review. I've gotten a few customers from this site.
Woman of Many Roles
Leafy Not Beefy

*Please note that the links provided here are not a complete compiled list of participating blogs/sites and are only shown as samples.


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