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What Kind of Product or Service Does TOP Media Work With?

  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • non-GMO Verified
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten-Free
  • Chemical-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sustainable harvested
  • Earth-Friendly & Recyclable
  • Ethically Naturally*
  • Energy-Saving Technology & Services

Your product should include one or more of, but not necessarily limited to, the type of ingredients listed above. *The word "Natural" can be legally manipulated to infer a chemical-free product. If you have labelled your product "natural", it should be natural in an ethical, literal, common sense manner.

I require a full sized sample of your product prior to a campaign agreement. Feel free to send one to:

TheOliveParent Media
PO Box 2472
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138-2472

Along with a description of your product, ingredients and company. A press kit or informational package work well too. Digitized press kits, questions and tracking notifications should be sent to If you don't have a tracking number to send me, please do contact me to inform me of any packages that need looking out for. A physical address will be provided upon request.

Special Note: All products sent to TOP Media, are sent free of cost and will not be returned. Acceptance of products and services do not signify an agreement of business.

Why Blog Campaigns? 

Customers are behaving differently today. They are spending more time online.

Content is King
Gorgeous Facebook and Twitter pages mean nothing if they don't have a community to interact with. Wherever content publishing exists, so does the opportunity to share, engage and build relationship. Who will tell everyone about your app-ed out Facebook page? It is this instance where blogs can set the order of social media.

Marketing Effective
Product reviews and giveaways publicized on blogs have been a truly effective way of marketing. The use of social media and blogs as marketing tools gives your brand exposure and can generate leads that result in real customer acquisition. Clever Girls Collective states that 93.3% of social media savvy women purchased something because a blogger recommended it. Favorite and trusted bloggers influence 44.3% of holiday shopping compared to 41.2% of women who are influenced by friends and family.

*Cost Effective
More and more companies are allocating more of their budget towards inbound marketing. Inbound leads cost less 61% less than outbound leads. The average cost per lead for outbound-dominated business is $346.00 per lead. The average cost per lead for inbound-dominated business is $135.00 per lead.

Long Lasting Outreach

· Create a buzz, a word-of-mouth campaign.
· Increase your Twitter follows & Facebook likes quicker than without it.
· Invite an intimate, in depth look into your company & business practices.
· Share a targeted message.
· Collect direct feedback about your company and product.

How Long Does a Campaign Last?

Any serious blogger will tell you, building a blog and a community to go with it takes time, continued effort and maintenance. This same reality applies to businesses desiring to build their social media followings and brand awareness. Blog outreach and social media building is a marathon...not a sprint. When considering outreach and campaigns, realistic thinking can go a long way.

Here are some important things to note:
  1. Blogs are their own entities. Policies differ from blog to blog. 
  2. Blogs have their own time frame. Most bloggers do not get paid to blog and blog around their real-life schedule. Many of them work with other companies to review products. 
  3. Blogs vary in niche. There are numerous types of blogs. Finding the right one to work with is so important to building a campaign.
Considering these facts, blog outreach can be time intensive. A single review/giveaway campaign of a group of bloggers can take three to four months to facilitate from start to finish.  As a social media specialist, I've built a database of bloggers that I've worked with on various campaigns. Depending on the number of bloggers desired and the type of bloggers targeted, campaigns with TheOliveParent Media can begin right away.

What Kind of Campaigns are Available?

  1. Independent Blog Reviews - Blogs are invited to review a product, share their opinion and a bit of the company on their site.
  2. Independent Blog Giveaways - Blogs are invited to review a product, share their opinion, and give away the same product away to a reader or visitor of their blog. This involves a “mini” campaign that lasts approximately a week or two. Readers and visitors attempt to win the free product by completing entries. Some of these entries involve a follow on Twitter for the site hosting the giveaway and your company. A like on Facebook in the same vein and other social media outlets. A blog giveaway has longer and bigger reach than blog reviews. Especially so if a particular blog is popular with a large social media following. Bloggers typically promote the giveaways that they host on Sweepstakes sites to increase their traffic.
  3. A group giveaway, or a cross promoted giveaway involves a coordinated effort of multiple blogs to give away a large prize across their social media accounts and to their community. The prize is typically large in value, with more than one winner. With carefully selected entry options, and the proper promotion avenue, it is not unheard of to gain a hundred followers or so, in a few weeks’ time. Additionally, these campaigns are promoted on Sweepstakes websites to maximize the promotion.
  4. Blog Programs - Blog programs are campaigns that coordinate a group of bloggers to individually review and/or give away your product at once.

*Information Source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing 2012


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