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To protect the integrity of your business all links directing to your site from participating blogs will be "no-follow" links.

You have the option of choosing:
  • Short Term Services - 3 Months (A single campaign)
  • Continuous Services - Indefinite (multiple campaigns & outreach)
For both lengths of time I offer the:

Bundled Service Rate

Consultation Monthly
Administration Monthly
Administrative Set-Up One Time Service & Fee
Research/Pitch/Facilitation/Coordination Monthly
Publishing Fee Monthly
Shipping & Handling Services Monthly – Offered on limited basis

All services listed, with the exception of Shipping and Handling, are pre-calculated and bundled in a flat rate, monthly fee. Shipping and Handling services are only available for information kits, coupons, or any type of paper materials. A Shipping and Handling service fee will be calculated upon agreement and will include reimbursement or costs of mailing in addition to the Bundled Service Rate.

Short Term Campaigns
You are welcome to return to TheOliveParent Media for additional campaigns after an initial set-up. You will not be charged a set-up fee if you run another campaign within six months of your previous campaign.

Stand Alone Services

Do you need help in community building, social media outreach or more? Do you need experienced advice on launching a blog campaign?  I can share my years of experience with you! I consult by the hour, with a required minimum of two hours. Monthly and weekly package rates are also available to assist you during a social media project.

Blog Outreach
If you're looking for good bloggers to work with, build your database of "go-to" blogs and  facilitate continuous product reviews over time, allow me to represent your social media interests to bloggers. I offer a flat rate monthly fee, with a required minimum of three months

Advertising on TheOliveParent Media &
Advertising space is available on this site and on (personal blog) Contact me for rates and sizes.

Don't see what you need here?

Contact Hannah Rhodes at HRhodes (at) TheOliveParentMedia (dot) com

Additional things to consider: 
Client & campaign space is limited. If you have timeline in mind, please contact me 4 to 6 weeks for administrative preparations and availability. Requests for services may not be accepted.  I do require a sample of  your product or service prior to launching a campaign. If you're interested in working with TheOliveParent Media, please send a full sized product, free of charge to:

TheOliveParent Media
PO Box 2472
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138-2472

Please note; upon sending the product, you understand that the item will be mine to keep. You acknowledge that sending the product does not signify an agreement of business. You may request a review or giveaway of the product on or