Virtual Services

Service 1: Basic Social Media Management

  • Updates Posting new content with key-rich words, sharing quality, relatable content, company announcements, product promos etc.
  • Creating, coordinating and managing social media campaigns.
  • Customer Service; Professional Conflict Resolution.
  • Communication and coordination with Marketing Department when applicable.
  • Meme & Ad creation.
  • Analytics report and suggestions.

This service involves the management and coordination of multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. If you’re interested in just Pinterest Virtual Assistant services, please scroll down. Pinterest can be bundled in, please contact me with your service needs.

Service 2: Content Writing - Blogging

  • Create and publish well-researched, high-quality, key-rich engaging content to a blog or site.
  • Coordinate, create and plan content schedule
  • Engaging, attractive photos
  • *Promote on company social medias

Content Writing can be broken down into three categories
  1. Blogging - Short, engaging weekly publishing to a blog.
  2. Content Marketing - Targeted writing to a LOHAS market, to promote a product or service. May include how-tos, DIYs, Recipes and more. Typically involves research and published once/twice a month.
  3. Website Content Writing - Static written content that only needs to be updated when changes occur.
*Blogging and content marketing will always be bundled with social media management services if those services are not available within your company to ensure and promote visibility.

Service 3: Social Media  & Blog Campaigns
  • Plan, coordinate and communicate with lifestyle influencers, i.e. bloggers re: promotions, product reviews, and giveaways.
  • Communicate, coordinate, plan with applicable department or team.
  • Follow up and follow through with completed reviews/promotions/giveaway
  • Final report/analytics

Social media and blog campaigns can take place on blogs or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Campaigns usually involve a prize that is furnished by your company. However, it can involve paid ads on a blog or a paid posts. Blog campaigns provide backlinks and exposure which can improve your SEO.

This service will require a social media marketing budget that considers prizes, shipping of prizes or allotted amount of paid ads/posts. All social media budgets are the responsibility of the client. However, managing a social media marketing budget can be considered for unique situations. This service involves in-depth consulting. All consultations are free unless a drafted proposal is requested.

Service 4: Blog/Sites Outreach

  • *Use my own database for planned Blog Campaigns
  • Research, and promote blogging opportunity to engage and build relationships with lifestyle bloggers.
  • Build, track and manage database of blog contacts
  • Serve as a communication portal/point for blogs and client.
  • Continual engagement of influential lifestyle bloggers via email list.
I will utilize/contact my own database of niche bloggers, however, depending on your niche needs and the current status of influencers, outreach services should extend to six weeks to two months to build a solid database your company can use.

Service 5: Pinterest Virtual Assistant

  • Create highly visual, attractive and engaging pictures
  • Plan, Coordinate post schedule
  • Analytic reports
  • Customer Service


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